Previous Dental Woes

Some of you may have noticed that the picture on the banner of my site displaying an X-ray of my broken jaw also reveals that I have two crowns for my front teeth.  It happened at the end of the summer before my final year of college, right before my grandmother passed away.  My girlfriend and I were hanging out at my house and got into a silly argument.  I don’t even remember what we were battling about, but I’ll admit I was pushing her buttons.  Unable to respond verbally she began to grab objects lying around her and use them as projectile weapons.  I simply responded by pulling my comforter over my body and deadening the blow.  After hurling a pillow and a slipper with no luck she decided that a nearby 6 in 1 screwdriver might yield better results.  Just as she let go of the screwdriver like a Nolan Ryan fastball, I pulled the comforter down, unaware of what I was in for.  As you can see, I caught the butt end of the screwdriver in my mouth and lost two of my front teeth.  I actually swallowed them on impact as my mouth started gushing blood all over the bed.  Luckily it was a Friday night so I wasn’t able to see a dentist or get any pain medication for days.  I went to Richmond Monday morning and had two root canals and then had to hop back in the truck and drive to Ohio for my grandmother’s funeral.  It took three months and many trips back to Richmond before I was able to get my permanent crowns.  The moral of the story… don’t antagonize your girlfriend until she breaks your face.