The Most Important Magic

Last night my friends Nick & Ashley stopped by on their way to Tennessee for the holiday weekend.  I was really looking forward to hanging out cause I hadn’t seen them since they helped me to the hospital after my accident.  We went out to dinner at the local Peruvian joint and then went to see Dark Knight (for the third time).  It rocked as hard as it did the first time I saw it and I already can’t wait to see it again.  The fun really started when we got back home and fired up Bubble Bobble.  You fight through each level by blowing a bubble to trap your enemies in and then grabbing the assorted loot they drop.  You’re matched against enemies with names such as, Beluga, Hullaballoon, Stoner, Willy Whistle (aka Drunk in Japan), and Super Socket, or as Ashley calls them “Ching-Chongs”.  Aimee & Ashley plowed through the entire 99 levels within an hour and then had to face the Grumple Gromit (aka Super Drunk in Japan).  The end boss to this game is one of the most ridiculous bosses I’ve ever seen.  He bounces around the screen spewing turkey legs at you and is at least twice as fast as you.  That, coupled with floaty controls made for an amazingly annoying task.  After 15 or 20 minutes of trying to defeat him, Aimee handed me the controller in disgust.  Ashley and I were determined to beat him and after another 20 or 30 minutes we finally sent him packing only to receive the most epic end game message ever.  This totally made our combined efforts worth it.  Who would have thought that two bubble blowing dinosaurs could have taught us so much?


  1. Bubble Bobble is a great game with an even greater lesson: destroy the Grumple Gromit, or destroy the bonds of friendship trying. I’m glad we succeeded in beating him (and not ruining our friendship in the process!!) I feel like that is the type of game that can bring players to blows out of sheer frustration. That Grumple Grommit sure is a tricky one!

    Speaking of great games, this one sounds pretty amazing:
    Have you heard anything about it?

  2. The person I wanted to blow was the Grumple Gromit.

    Yeah Spore is supposed to be awesome. They released the creature creator a couple months ago and people immediately made some phallic creatures:

    Too bad this game won’t play on a Mac Mini.

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