Thanksgiving Hangover Disc Golf

Feeling the effects of too much Thanksgiving food, my fiancee and I decided to take our dads out to play some disc golf.  The weather was amazing for late November and there were no leaves left on the trees to snag our discs.  My dad plays somewhat regularly, but this was probably only the second or third time that Jack had played.  You wouldn’t have know it from his putting prowess though.  Disc golf is such an easy game to pick up and anyone can play it.  It’s a great way to get to walk through the woods, test your skill at throwing a disc, and enjoy the company of anyone willing to give it a shot.  The only barrier to entry is a working arm.  I don’t know if anyone was within 5 shots of anyone else, but I think we all had a great time together.  If you enjoy being outside more than sitting in front of the T.V., this is a great way to spend an hour with family and friends.

Thanksgiving Tug of War

I spent the past few days in Richmond with family and friends celebrating Thanksgiving.  We all gathered at my future in-laws to feast on all the regular stuff.  Turkey and ham, smashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and about 10 different desserts.  I think I counted 6 pies alone.  I ate so much food this weekend that I probably gained ten pounds.  This picture is from after dinner when Aimee tried to play with Grizzly.  About half of a second after this image was taken, Aimee was shrieking in pain.  Grizzly had lost his grip and when he went to reposition, he chomped on her hand.  He’s a pretty timid dog and was really scared by all the noise.  They kissed and made up and now they are buddies again.

Goat on a Chain

I’ve been showcasing animals that I run into out in the field, so I thought I’d throw this guy into the mix.  I see him every other month when I monitor the James River near Fork Union Military Academy.  You can see that he stays chained up, but he’s got friends chained up around him so he isn’t lonely.  Goats are pretty awesome for a lot of different reasons, but my favorite thing about goats is their goatee.  Does it serve any purpose?  I doubt it, but damn it’s stylish.  They must feel like bad asses walking around the barnyard sporting genetically groomed facial hair and eating anything that gets in their way.

Snail with Long Eyes

I found this little guy the same day that I found the turtle I posed on a map in one of the previous posts.  He was just hanging out on this leaf enjoying himself.  I bothered him long enough to snap a couple shots and then returned him.  I think I forgot that snails wear their eyes on those long protrusions from their head.

Big Huck

This is my friend Jacob jumping off a big rock at Falling Creek in Bedford.  This image was made during his second attempt at the feat.  The first try was a successful jump, but the landing left a little to be desired.  Jake is always up for this kind of thing and I was really enjoying hanging out with him before he moved away.  He’s hard at work printing shirts and signs for his business Integrity Signs.  I miss riding with him because he helped encourage me to keep trying bigger jumps.  Hopefully we’ll get to ride at Snowshoe a lot next year, I already can’t wait for the snow to melt.


This is a roommate of mine from college who worked at the bike shop with me.  He was a big instigator in most of the dumb things I did on a bike back then.  This however, ended up not being a dumb idea.  He secured everything really well with bungee cords and made it the two miles downhill to the shop.  I wonder what cars passing him must have thought?  I gotta give him props for riding to work with an entire bike on his back.

Piedmont Bike Shop?

For those of you not in the know, this is a picture of the former Piedmont Bike Shop in Lynchburg.  It was taken during the transition phase to becoming Blackwater Bike Shop.  This was shortly after Winston had purchased the shop from his former boss and was beginning to implement some serious changes.  The whole shop used to be that hideous puke green color you see on the back wall, with pale yellow trim.  My friend Nick and I spent a good part of our spring break that year helping Davy repaint to the gray and red scheme you see on the slat-wall.  Some of my favorite memories involve working at the bike shop with one of my best friends.  It was truly a gift to be involved in helping him shape his bike shop into the business it is today.  Now all the area you see in this picture has been converted to sales floor because he is doing so well.  When he took over, there weren’t even enough bikes to fill the racks, and now he has a giant shipping container storing his back stock.  His shop is busting at the seams with merchandise and he has developed some of the most loyal customers I’ve ever seen.  He still has customers that have followed him from Farmville and travel more than an hour each way just to do business with him.  Almost everyday I think about the bike shop and the good times I had there and wish I could go back to work for Davy again.