King’s Island Sushi

There’s an Asian restaurant here in town that I haven’t been to in the two years since I moved here.  A friend of mine had told stories of his pest exterminating days and the issues the restaurant had.  Well earlier this week I was talking to a coworker about sushi and he started fawning over King’s Island.  Armed with this new information I decided it was finally time to give them a try.  My fiance and I went there with our friends Kat & Jason who were excited to go back again.  They told us that they used to go there once a week and really missed it.  Imagine our surprise when we walked in and saw our friend that had steered us away from the restaurant.  I am so happy we finally tried this place because it was awesome.  It looked a little old from the street, but was pretty nice inside.  The service was great and the menu is huge.  Best of all, they have about 30 different sushi rolls and everyone I tried was great.  Their spicy rolls were actually spicy which almost never happens.  This is immediately my new favorite restaurant as I’m hooked on sushi right now and this place seems to be the best in town.

Oh yeah, and look how cute this orange slice is that they gave us with our fortune cookies.