Worst Vacation Ever

This was how my first trip to Asheville was going for the first 24 hours.  Later that night when attempting to go out to dinner, my car broke down leaving the hotel.  The clutch was messed up and my fiance and I were stuck in neutral.  We pushed the car back to the side of the road and then went back to our room.  After calling everyone in town we realized we weren’t getting home in that car.  Aimee and I both had to be back for work on Monday and she was starting her first year of teaching.  Her dad offered to come and get us, so we just ordered some dinner and sat in our room.  The next morning he showed up and we were on our way back to Lynchburg.  About 15 from home his car shut down.  His alternator was bad and we were stuck again.  After a call to AAA we had a new battery installed, but still no alternator.  We had enough battery to get us to the auto parts store and buy the parts we needed.  The next couple hours were spent putting a new alternator in a big Ford SUV.  I was covered in grease and dirt so I went upstairs and got right in the shower.  This was by far the worst vacation I’ve ever been on, but I’ve already talked about how we made up for it.