Fourth Floor Apartment Flood

This picture is from a flood we had in our fourth floor apartment earlier this year.  My fiance and I had spent all morning cleaning the house and getting things ready for my sister Julie to come and stay the night.  It was about 30 minutes before Julie was supposed to arrive and I wanted to get a hook up on the wall to get another bike out of the way.  I grabbed my stud finder and found a nice spot over my bed, centered on the wall.  I put the drill up to the wall and began drilling a pilot hole when all of the sudden water came shooting out of the wall.  Our room is about 12 feet long and this water was coming out with so much pressure that it was hitting the opposite wall and peeling paint off.  I called the apartment office and found out that everyone had just left, so I called the emergency maintenance number.  A few minutes later I got a call back from the maintenance guy who was 30 minutes away.  He told me that I had hit the sprinkler line and he was the only person with a key to shut it off.  By this time, there was already an inch of water on the floor and I was getting worried.  I set up a few storage containers to try and trap some of the water.  Our room was destroyed and my sister had just arrived when they finally got here and shut the water off.  We moved all of our furniture out into the living room and then tried to play some Guitar Hero to forget our worries.  Later that night, a vacuum team showed up and pulled a few hundred gallons of water out of the building.  The next day maintenance showed up with a fan to put under the carpet to dry it out.  Within a week everything was back to normal, but for a few hours it was truly scary.