I had to go to Richmond last night to be at a training this morning at 0700 hours.  Luckily, Nick and Ashley live just a few miles away from where I needed to be and agreed to put me up for the night.  I got there just in time to eat dinner and they already had a line up ready for me.  I chose the Vietnamese option with a crazy beer selection.  It didn’t look like much from the outside and we had trouble finding it even after driving 10 feet from the front door.  The menus that they handed us were so thick that they looked like photo albums.  Looking through the menu revealed page after page featuring 12-15 entrees.  Then came the beer selection, no less than 5 pages of bubbly goodness.  Nick and I shared a couple of beers from a couple different countries.  One was a dark stout that was described on the menu as having a tongue roasting flavor.  It was actually sweeter than the cider that Ashley picked out.  I don’t know much about the second beer except that it was supposed to taste like banana at some point, but never did.  The food was really good, but it was the beer selection that makes this restaurant a keeper for me.  Thanks again to Nick and Ashley for letting me stay with them and thanks to Ashley for snapping this picture for me.