Piedmont Bike Shop?

For those of you not in the know, this is a picture of the former Piedmont Bike Shop in Lynchburg.  It was taken during the transition phase to becoming Blackwater Bike Shop.  This was shortly after Winston had purchased the shop from his former boss and was beginning to implement some serious changes.  The whole shop used to be that hideous puke green color you see on the back wall, with pale yellow trim.  My friend Nick and I spent a good part of our spring break that year helping Davy repaint to the gray and red scheme you see on the slat-wall.  Some of my favorite memories involve working at the bike shop with one of my best friends.  It was truly a gift to be involved in helping him shape his bike shop into the business it is today.  Now all the area you see in this picture has been converted to sales floor because he is doing so well.  When he took over, there weren’t even enough bikes to fill the racks, and now he has a giant shipping container storing his back stock.  His shop is busting at the seams with merchandise and he has developed some of the most loyal customers I’ve ever seen.  He still has customers that have followed him from Farmville and travel more than an hour each way just to do business with him.  Almost everyday I think about the bike shop and the good times I had there and wish I could go back to work for Davy again.