Camping at First Landing State Park

Everytime I try to go camping with Nick we get rained on.  Knowing this, we still set out to go camping at First Landing State Park near Virginia Beach.  We loaded up the Jeep with bikes and a kayak as well as the other necessary camping gear.  We got rained on, but weren’t too bothered after having a few adult beverages.  The campground is set up in a quiet area full of Live Oaks, the only deciduous tree that has leaves all year long.  This provided plenty of shelter and with our new tent we stayed dry enough.  We saw a lot of snakes on the nearby trails and that made our adventure a little more enjoyable.  It’s a cool place to visit, but not much to do outside of general beach activities.  If you plan to go, just don’t take Nick or I along with you and the weather won’t be an issue.



  1. that is no exaggeration, it has rained every single time we have gone camping together. when was this trip, about 5 years ago?

    I like First Landing, it is a nice quiet alternative to going to the boardwalk, it is easy to park, and it is the only beach I know of in the state where dogs are allowed year round.

  2. I guessed it was about June 2002, but I don’t know for sure since I don’t have a timestamp. Now that I think about it, it couldn’t have been ’02 since you didn’t get that kayak until ’03. You have any idea what month?

  3. yeah, you are right, I got that boat for graduation, so it must have been after May ’03. it looks like it was relatively warm and everything looks pretty green. although, I remember it being pretty cold and windy the next day when I tried to go out for a paddle on the back bay while you rode the false cape trail. no, I have no idea what month.

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