Chilly Road Riding

On Saturday I went out for my first bike ride in a long time.  My friends Kat and Jeb were heading out for a short ride so I thought I’d join them.  I had a good time and was glad I got out and started riding again, but it was still a bit cold out on the road.  Normally at 50 degrees Fahrenheit it’s warm enough for me not to need any additional clothing.  I thought it was going to be just over 50 so I chose a set of bib knickers and my team jersey.  Luckily before I set out on the ride I added a set of arm warmers, but I soon found out I should have worn more.  I don’t like to wear gloves on the road so I had nothing to cut the wind breaking over my knuckles.  The temperature never made it to 50 and the wind was more formidable than expected.  I spent most of the ride in the view of this picture (which was snapped from my bike at 20 mph), chasing Jeb.  It was a bit difficult to look at him the whole time since he was dressed so much more appropriately than me.  I kept wanting to snatch that jacket that he barely needed since he had two more layers underneath keeping him warm.  I couldn’t stop thinking about riding up and grabbing those coattails as they flapped in the breeze.  It wasn’t as bad as I’m making it seem, but I sure was glad when it was over and I could drink a cold beer in a warm house.

Proof That I Had a Big Mouth

I wouldn’t say I was well known for putting big things in my mouth, but before I broke my jaw I had pretty good range of motion.  One of the unfortunate side effects of breaking my jaw has been a decrease in my ability to open wide.  Now when I get close to the end of my range I get a popping noise and a slight crunch, something like cracking your knuckles.  I guess it’s not much to give up, but I always  got a rise out of Kelly when I’d eat half my bagel in one bite.  At least I’ve got this picture to remind me of the better days when I could eat a plum in one bite.  Not to mention the sweet dragon print shirt and bleached blonde hair.

Afternoon Foosball Tournament

After we played disc golf in the morning, we went back to Nick’s house to play foosball.  When we are all practiced, we can have some pretty good matches, but that day belonged to Nick.  Bill was tired from a late night the night before and a little rusty despite having a table of his own.  I had played well a couple weeks before, but could do nothing except make excuses on this day.  I’ll maintain that these excuses were decent gripes that need attention before we can hold a championship level tournament.  That being said, we did swap sides of the table to even things out and Nick still dominated.  It was a real bummer for me not to be able to provide a challenge for Nick, but you can bet I’ve been getting prepared for next weekend.  I’ve spent the past week working out my arms every night to make sure I’m ready.  Watch out Nick, here I come.

Kids Do the Darndest Things

After a round of cold early morning disc golf, I went with Nick and Bill to meet my mom at Chipotle for lunch.  Shortly after we sat down and started eating, I saw these kids waiting for their parents to finish ordering their food.  I had to do a double take when I saw this little boy balancing on a hand rail while playing his DS.  I’d prefer his parents have kept a closer eye on him, but props to the kid for entertaining himself.  I’m glad he didn’t fall and break his head, but he looks pretty comfortable with his ability to balance.

On another note, I’m blown away with the response to the Fake Yoga Girls post.  I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who took time to comment and vote on the poll.  The comments were hilarious, so if you haven’t been back to check them out, it’s worth your time.  Please keep the comments coming because they add a lot of value to the site by making the conversations two way.  Thanks again for being so involved.