Moss as Far as the Eye Can See

This is a picture of some moss I saw covering a large boulder in a creek I was working in today.  It’s pretty similar to some other pictures I’ve taken before.  I guess I just like how moss looks.  When I was done I got on the mountain bike for a quick ride before the rain hits tomorrow.  Aimee came with me and we met Kelly out at Peaks View Park.  We saw a few people we knew as we made our way through most of the driest trails.  The ride was plagued by Peaks View’s favorite question, where do we go now?  It didn’t matter because I achieved my goal of enjoying the weather while perched on a bike.

Root Beer Float Rides Are Back!

Today, the Blackwater Bike Shop: Root Beer Float Ride began its second season.  This is the awesome beginning of the week, relaxing, conversation paced ride that stops at Sonic for refreshments.  Last year was a huge success and brought a lot of new faces out.  This year started just as well as we ended last year with more than 20 people showing up for the season opener.  I took so many pictures, now that I’ve got them edited and posted I don’t have any time left to tell you about the ride.  I’ll fill you in later, but go to Flickr and look at the pictures in the meantime.

Chesapeake Bay Filtering

In this picture, I’m in the midst of setting up filters on the vacuum rig.  This was a chore that I left behind in Richmond when I moved to Lynchburg.  It involved setting up filter stacks that you would then pour water samples through.  The filters were then collected and sent to the lab for analysis.  It was always a frustrating job because you had to work furiously for a short period of time and then drive to the next drop-off point and wait for the boat.  When the boat arrived, it would have a few stations worth of new water samples to be filtered.  The waits were difficult to predict since conditions on the river dictated the speed of the operation.  I loved and miss almost everything about working at our Piedmont Regional Office, but filtering samples is the one thing I’ll never pine for.

Davy Sized Sugar Packet

Davy likes to use a lot of sugar when he drinks coffee.  After getting tired of tearing open 5 packs per cup, he worked up a prototype of a Davy sized sugar packet.  I’d use these even if I wasn’t drinking coffee.  They are just like giant Pixy Stix in a fancy wrapper.

Mechanicsville Sunset

For about a year after I graduated from college, I lived in Mechanicsville, Va with my girlfriend’s parents.  They had just bought a new house in a developing neighborhood where most of the streets were empty.  This picture was taken after my drive home from work when I noticed the red clouds across the sky.  The dynamic range of colors in this image made it quite difficult to capture the grandeur of the scene with a 3 megapixel point and shoot camera.  Despite all that, I still think that those clouds look pretty cool.

Jack Frost Strikes Again

This was one of the first pictures I took when Aimee got a digital camera, more than 5 years ago.  It’s an erosional process called frost heaving.  Water in the top layer of soil freezes overnight and as the ice crystals expand, they carry sediment with them.  I saw some of this a month ago on the disc golf course with my coworker Mike.  When he noticed it, he told that me that his grandfather called it jack frost.  I kinda like that a lot better, so from here on out, it’s jack frost to me too.

Bed Full of Dogs

This is an old picture from when I had just graduated college.  Bella & Josh were mainstays on my air bed since, to them, I’m sure it looked like a giant dog bed. Sometimes we would catch them fighting on top of it. It’s no wonder that I woke up many a night laying on the floor on top of an empty air mattress filled with tiny holes.

Packin Up the Bugs

Kelly and I went to Danville today to do some ProbMon on a tributary to the Sandy River.  It was a pretty cool site, but had loads of sediment making it tough to walk through.  I found a cool fish and had Kelly snag him in her net so we could get a closer look.  We finished collecting our samples and then headed back to the truck. When we got back, we found our friend from earlier was still waiting. He was a big fluffy white haired dog.  Really big, and so fluffy it was hard to discern the sex or if he had ears or not.  Despite his size, he was not very imposing because he was too busy being cute.  I took this video of him prancing as he ran across the field to greet us.  I hope he comes back to visit when we go back in the fall.

Breakfast Burrito

I made this image a few weeks ago when I cooked some breakfast burritos for dinner.  I used eggs, green peppers, mushrooms, turkey bacon, cheddar cheese, and scallions.  Then I topped them with avocado and salsa and wrapped them up.  I figured out that if you cook burrito shells in a skillet over medium heat they are a lot stretchier.  I was able to stuff these shells until they looked as big as a Chipotle burrito.  They were pretty good if I do say so myself.