So if you didn’t read the title of the post, that animal you see swimming in the picture is a chipmunk. Kelly and I went out to Pedlar Reservoir today to take some samples. Before we got on the lake, we checked under the boats laid along the edge to see if there were any snakes. We found 3 snakes, one of which was a long black snake. He was really calm and let us play with him and take his picture for a while. After we finished our work we were heading back to the dock when Kelly noticed something in the water. As we paddled closer, she saw that it was a chipmunk that was trying to swim across the lake. I guess he got scared because he turned around and climbed back on shore. It was hands down one of the the cutest things I’ve ever seen.



  1. That picture turned out so much better than I hoped! I’ve told everyone about this little cutie.

    • Thanks, yeah I searched on google and flickr and I could only find a couple other pictures. I think we’re in rare company with the few people that have seen chipmunks swim.

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