Skating the Dog

Check out this guy and his excited little dog I saw last weekend in Richmond.  I was house sitting for my friends Nick & Ashley and watching their dogs too.  Aimee, Kelly, & I decided to take the dogs out for a walk around the park.  Just before getting on the trail we heard someone on a skateboard and then saw he was leading his dog behind him.  He flashed me some sort of gang sign as he passed, but I wasn’t able to get that shot.  A minute later he caught us on the trail and the dogs all smelled each other.  It was another cute scene, but short lived as he and his lightening quick companion bounded off.

Stupid Jump that Broke My Jaw

So this was the stupid jump that I crashed on last July, breaking my jaw and knocking myself unconscious for a while.  It’s an ugly thing that’s too steep and launches you straight up in the air, forcing you to land flat and hard.  It would be better if it were shorter so that you got more distance on the jumps and could land more smoothly.  Well regardless, I hit it again on Friday morning with Nick and Aimee to close the story of my broken jaw.  I actually did it 10 or 15 times trying to get the right shot and not kill myself.  The first few jumps were awkward, but after a while I got a feel for it.  Like I said, it’s really not well designed and should prolly be avoided unless you need to quiet whispers of doubt in the back of your head.

Lynchburg, Virginia on the Travel Channel

This week has been crazy, so I think I’m gonna take the night off.  In my place is this video that the travel channel produced a few weeks ago, spotlighting Lynchburg.  It shows the Blackwater Creek trails and the rock gym (Rise Up), but the coolest thing to me was the Old City Cemetery.  As many of you know my fiancee Aimee and I are getting married there this year on Halloween. The video is a little long, but if your curious about what’s in and around Lynchburg give it a look.

Trying to Remember EVERYTHING!!! that was in the Bike Shop

Today Davy and I got together to start working on recreating an inventory of everything in the bike shop.  He started by making a three dimensional paper model of the shop and its racks and displays.  Then the rest of the crew started showing up, until the whole team was gathered around the table furiously writing down everything they knew was in the shop when it burned down.  We spent a solid 5 hours spilling our brains onto this diorama and it’s not even halfway done.  And the worst part is that we keep remembering more and more things that we’ve all lost.  Davy’s count is now at 6 full bikes.  It is an incredibly arduous process, but a necessary evil.

Giant Turbine for the Kerr Dam

I’m pretty sure this is a turbine that will be installed in the Kerr Dam to help raise the dissolved oxygen downstream.  It churns the water as it’s released from the dam causing it to be well agitated.  This process adds oxygen to the water and helps to maintain a healthy ecosystem.  Plus it’s frikin huge and looks really cool, especially inside.

Blackwater Bike Shop Root Beer Rally Ride

Tonight we did what we always do on Monday nights in the summer, the Blackwater Bike Shop Root Beer Ride.  As you can see, it was an enormous success and we even made the news (CBS, NBC, ABC).  It was amazing to see so many people show up to support Davy and the shop.  For a couple hours out there on the road it was like nothing ever happened and with the support of a community this strong and caring, it won’t be long before this all becomes a distant memory.