And So It Begins….

Day one at the new Blackwater Bike Shop.

Iris Got Painted

At least she’ll match the trim at the new shop.

Fat Kid Demolition

Don’t try this at home kids! I know I make it look easy, but it takes lightning speed, precision accuracy, and 20 plus years of dedication to over-eating before your ready to crash through a wall and fall on your butt.

Spraying Helicopter

I met the guy who co-pilots this bad boy today when I stopped in Appomattox to snap a photo.  He told me that they use it to spray herbicides on forests to prevent undergrowth.  I’m not stoked about that part, but I’d sure love to take a ride in it.  I flew in a helicopter once in the Smokey Mountains, but I didn’t have a camera back then so I’ve got no pics.

Wedding Rings

Here they are, a pair of mathcing Wenge (weng-gay) wood rings for my upcoming wedding.  These are handmade from a vertical strip of wood that is steamed to facilitate the bending required.  This produces a strong ring, but more importantly, makes the grain of the wood visible all the way around.  I’m pretty stoked with how they turned out, I can’t wait to start wearing mine.  If you want one of your own just call on Frank at Stout Woodworks, he is amazing and he’ll get you straight.

Nerdy Afternoon

I spent a couple hours on Saturday afternoon ripping my computer open and putting some more RAM in.  I’m so glad my mom never flipped out when I would tear my toys apart as a kid.


Last night we had a storm roll through that was far enough away that it wasn’t raining in our area, but the clouds were producing tons of lightning.  Perfect situation to sit my camera on a tripod, focus to infinity, and grab my remote.  Then I just tried to guess when it would strike and snap a few frames.  I got a couple shots worth posting, but I’m excited about trying again now that I’ve got an idea where to start.