Upper Gauley Rafting Trip (Part 1/3)

This was our guide on one of the most dangerous rivers in North America and he was the man.  Behind him you can see the dam for Summersville Lake that, when releasing water into the Gauley River creates class V+ rapids.  Today I’ve uploaded a set of pictures that covers the night before up until we just got on the river.  Some of the images are my own and some were shot by my friends, who risked life and limb to protect the cameras.  Our combined efforts produced many decent photos and you can look for part 2 and the grand finale to follow shortly.

P.S. – Almost all of these pictures were shot on plastic Target brand waterproof disposable cameras with ergonomic (and damn cute) dolphin shaped contours.  Please excuse the reduced quality, but shooting conditions were hazardous to say the least.

Rare SilentScott Smile Photo

Out of over 35,000 photos in my library I’ve prolly only got about 10 pictures of myself that I “like”.  It’s not that I’ve got low self esteem, I’m just always the one behind the lens.  Well here is a rare look at me with camera in tote wearing an amazingly overzealous grin.  My appearance is quite a bit different from this time last year, but those who know me best know that is just kinda my thing.  I’m never really happy in a groove, so I’m always looking for a change of pace.