End of the SMR

I couldn’t make this weeks FNR, so Nick and I rode a SMR (Saturday morning ride). Left at 1:00 to ride down to the river, check the fullish moon view, then ride back home. I’m already in love with my new home.

Granny Smith Samich

Today I ate at a cute restaurant in Halifax, VA called The Packhouse. It appeared that every single employee, of which there were 5 or 6 during the lunch rush, was a minimum of 55 years old and a stereotypical southern woman. The lunch menu was stocked with the standard clubs and reuben sandwiches, but there was one anomaly on the menu. Meet the “Granny Smith Samich”, a couple slices of turkey with bacon and granny smith apples served on cinnamon rasin bread with cream cheese spread. It was dee lish and paired very nicely with the potato soup.

Our Home

If everything goes well tomorrow, then you’re looking at Aimee and I’s new to us, but very very old home. Keep your fingers crossed.

My Old Bedroom Window

My parents are selling their house and while I was home cleaning my things out I kept looking for pictures I could take that would help me remember it. The problem was that so many things had changed that none of it reminded me of my childhood. I was getting bummed and nearly gave up when I wandered through my old room one last time and caught this view. This window was the favorite part of my room and I always kept my bed pushed up against it so I could look outside while I laid in bed. At night I would crawl into bed, push open the window and watch the stars while I fell asleep. It’s one of my fondest memories of that house and I hope this picture will serve as a lasting reference.

The Original Laptop: TRS-80 Model 100

This is one of my most prized possessions that I thought my mom had thrown out years ago, but I found yesterday while I was cleaning my stuff out of her attic. This is widely considered the first laptop computer and earns bonus points for being the last computer that Bill Gates personally coded the majority of it’s operating system. You can see on the low definition 240×64 dot matrix display that this premium ($1399 msrp) portable computer had a whopping 24,000 bytes (24kb) of memory, enough to type 11 pages of text! And when I say memory I mean RAM, so when and if you run out of battery, you lose all your data. You can also see that the date always displays 19 as the first two digits for the year meaning it has a Y2K bug that won’t allow you to set the date past 1999. It was sold at Radio Shack starting in 1983 and was handed down to me from my grandpa, an avid computer hobbyist who had found it at a yard sale. I remember being baffled by it at first until I sat down with a book that my grandpa had included that taught me the BASIC programming language. At first I could only write simple programs that would tell a joke, but eventually I learned to code more complex applications to analyze baseball statistics. I can’t even begin to describe how proud I would feel when I finally got a program to run and execute it’s task correctly. I fully credit this computer with sparking my interests in technology that persist to this day and it makes me so happy to have it back in full working condition.

Check out this 1983 Radio Shack Ad for the Micro Executive Workstation (MEWS), a name that was later dropped.