Cookout with the Fam

My in-laws brought us a patio set, so we put it to good use right away. After 3+ years in the apartment I’m so thankful to be able to eat outside again. Thanks a million Frito & Kitty.


Sorry to have to be a tease again, but I spent close to 3 hours editing and I’m still not done. Now I’m beginning to feel like these dogs and my work is suffering for it, so I’ll be back tomorrow with something that hopefully was worth waiting for.

SilentScott Entering a Watering Hole

That’s right, I finally got to go to St. Mary’s Wilderness Area again today. 6 people with 5 dogs and Nick found us a new hole to jump in. I’m too tired to edit pictures tonight, but enjoy the video and I’ll be back tomorrow with a crap-ton of images.