Bike Route > Bike Lane

To me a bike lane is a lot like getting in a fight with your sibling and drawing a line down the middle of the room and declaring one half for yourself. It feels good for a minute, but ultimately falls apart because it didn’t actually solve the underlying problem. Cohabitation can be a tricky puzzle to put together, but the benefits seem to often outweigh the consequences. So we get in fights with loved ones, but in relationships that endure we keep working through those problems to build a better and stronger union through communication.

I love roads and I travel them frequently. By car, truck, motorcycle, bike, and foot. I want to be a good steward of the roadways and to me that doesn’t include segregation. I don’t want to be a second class citizen just because I choose to ride a bike. That’s why I prefer signs that alert drivers to share all the roads rather than lanes that last only a short time distance. Right now cyclists and motorists have the same rights to the road, but I fear that the proliferation of bike lanes will make it a compelling argument to ban cyclists from roadways that aren’t delineated for bicycle traffic.

To avoid this consequence and to refocus our agenda away from litigation I propose education. Rather than fight for bike only access, let’s make a go of educating ourselves of our rights and responsibilities. After our house is in order, we can begin to engage the public with our thoughts, creating an environment for open communication. Then we reflect on what we learned and repeat the process again.

A little understanding can go a long way when we all remember that we own vehicles and not the road.


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