Moving Mom

This is about how I spent most of the day today.  Actually, I did get to play disc golf with Nick, but I was on autopilot for that run.  I’m not complaining, I’m ecstatic that my mom found an awesome new place to live.  I’m really excited to go hang out at the pool.  I made it back to Lynchburg tonight, but now I’m exhausted and ready for bed.  Look for some more pictures of the move, thanks to Aimee, later on tomorrow.

Jack by Aimee

Aimee shot this picture of her dad walking up  the deck stairs at Erin’s birthday cookout.  She caught him in a cute pose with a boyish grin on his face.  I think he had probably just finished beating everyone who would play him at cornhole.  I’m very happy to say that the cornhole boxes were a hit and you can see the the rest of the fun on Flickr.


I caught a couple of co-workers in a compromising position the other day.  We were out scouting a river that we plan to monitor and were checking for access for our boats.  There was a service road with a bridge on the map that we thought might be a good place to pull the boats out.  When we got there we found a cool wooden suspension bridge.  We all got out to take a look  and check out the bridge.  It was a ramshackle bridge, but it was solid even under the load of 6 full grown humans.  After these two found a suitable slope for getting the canoes out they headed back to the truck.  They must have been looking elsewhere and not noticed the writing on the crossbeam, because they stopped at the end of the bridge and turned around in perfect position.  I quickly lifted my camera and began snapping pictures.  I liked this one the best because you get to see him realize what’s going on while I’m capturing it.

20th Anniversary Super Soaker

That’s right kiddies, the original Super Soaker has turned 20 and they’ve re-released it better than ever.  If your smart you’ll go to Target, hand them $15 and take one of these bad boys home.  It’s great for shooting squirrels off the bird feeder cause it sprays a 35 foot stream.  I’m sure there are other useful things you could do with it, but seriously, it’s a water gun so just spray someone who is hot.

A Better Picture of Stubby

I put up a picture of Stubby a couple days ago that I thought was OK, but when I got home and saw it on a bigger screen than my iPhone I wasn’t pleased.  I thought I’d make up for it with this shot I got of him laying in the grass.  If you look closely you can see sand on his eyes and nose from where he had just been digging on the beach.  We all thought he had sand stuck in his ear or something because he was rubbing his head against the ground about as hard as he could .  He did that for a while and we tried to figure out what was wrong with him until he ran back to the beach and started doing the same thing.  He would dig for a little while and then rub his face in the sand, obviously having a good time.  It wasn’t as cute as when he stole the chair from Chris, but it’s a way better picture.

Potomac River Sunset

I’m so happy with this shot, it came out just how I hoped it would.  I really like the flare on the dock lights due to the long shutter speed.  I’ll fill you in on the details of the trip later, but for now please enjoy the sunset.