Carnitas at La Sandia

After escorting Aimee around Tyson’s Corner looking for a new watch, she decided to treat me to dinner at La Sandia.  It’s a modern Mexican restaurant from Richard Sandoval and with me being of Mexican descent it was a very familiar and comfortable meal.  Their guacamole was the best I’ve ever had and the Carnitas were tender and juicy.  Best of all it was a reasonable bill for as much food as they brought out.  Thats a lot more than I can say for this Coke machine that takes credit cards.


“Thomas was saying a little while back that his childhood musical tastes were inspired by what you listened to back then.  Tonight we found the proof.”

Lego Love

If you love Legos as much as Aimee & I do you’ll agree that this is an awesome sight.  The best part is that this is only the back wall of an entire Lego store.